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BIG ON THE STATE OF NATION : PMB, Atiku and illusion of party

By Louis Odion, FNGE

Part of the cultural carnage bequeathed by prolonged military rule is rendering the contemporary soldier to be too much of a civilian while the political actor now appears militarized in thinking and behavior. Thus, the language of politics has become corroded by war terms and phrases.
Those versed in military warfare are therefore most unlikely to have any difficulty in decoding as pincer movement the double whammy against the presidency last week from ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar and his political goddaughter. The motive is to disorient your quarry by launching attack from two flanks simultaneously.
What then makes it particularly striking is that this adaption of military stratagem for a purely civil outcome was masterminded by a mere retired customs-man with an otherwise war-hardened infantry general at the receiving end.
Minister Aisha Alhassan opened the offensive by saying that President Muhammadu Buhari would not have her support for second term having, according to her, sworn in 2015 to do just a tenure. The sucker punch was hardly fully absorbed when Atiku added what could only be classified a thunderous blow by declaring emphatically that PMB had also swindled him.
Addressing guests at a book launch in Abuja that included no less a person than Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the Waziri Adamawa lamented that Buhari dumped him soon after climbing into power on the back of folks like him.
Specifically, Atiku listed what he had invested as cash and influence.
Ever since, things have not been the same in Abuja with the Buhari people appearing to running helter skelter, tentatively resorting to abuse as defense strategy. Not surprising, the spineless party leadership under Chief Oyegun has gone into hiding in this hour of moral crisis.
At the Buhari camp, some accused Mama Taraba of bad faith and greed by coveting the perks of the ministerial office even when her loyalty lies elsewhere. Well, they seemed to have forgotten to remind us of Alhassan's old baggage at this treacherous moment. According to media reports in 2014, some of the ladies who had served under her on the refreshment committee for APC's inaugural convention in Abuja claimed they were abandoned once Mama Taraba was handed the N32m vote.
As for Atiku, they mocked him as perennial candidate still sulking over his loss at the presidential primaries of December 2014. The boldest among them, one Mohammed Lawal, not surprising one of those recently appointed into the "juicy" NNPC board, even came with a rather apocryphal theory that the former Vice President was a fifth columnist who took off abroad after the primaries, pointedly challenging him to name the amount he contributed to the APC presidential campaigns of 2015.
Other self-acclaimed "Buharists" like Governors El-Rufai of Kaduna, Ganduje of Kano and Amosu of Ogun and Bello of Kogi have taken it upon themselves to declare interest in 2019 on Buhari's behalf.
Put together, the tribe of Buharists are free to continue to live in denial. Though they may be unwilling to admit it, Atiku already scored the preliminary strategic point: framing the 2019 debate within APC and baiting Buhari to declare his stand.
But beyond the brickbats between the Buhari people and Atiku camp are the weightier issues. Hard-hitting as they may sound, let it be said that varied responses by Buhari's agents so far hardly address perhaps the core question inadvertently raised by the Atiku/Alhassan challenge: how much of a party has been made of the disparate forces that coalesced into APC in 2014?
The truth is APC has failed abysmally to live up to the historic promise of 2015. In the past 28 months, the nation has had to watch with incredulity, if not shock, as what was thought to be the broadest opposition coalition in Nigeria's history rapidly withered into a ghost assembly where weary denizens communicate via the dark augury of "body language". Weakened by shame, they have had to suffer in silence.
However, when the Buharists rush to make a stake on 2019, they naively assume that the spatial circumstances presented by Jonathan's fumbling and wobbling and the golden national coalition of contrarians that made the Buhari victory possible in 2015 remain intact. Only those luxuriating in fool's paradise reason like that. Were Buhari's charm enough, his presidency would have materialized much earlier.
If nothing at all, issues will certainly be made of PMB's health should his present low-energy tactics continue to serve him in the months ahead and he chooses to present himself for a second term. The other possibility - most likely - is for him to hang in there, maximize incumbency powers to a point he could dragoon the party to adopt his stooge as flag-bearer in 2019.
Either way, it certainly will not be a walk-over as his zealous supporters appear to think. The bad - well, maybe good - news is that 2015 has shattered the myth of the invincibility of presidential incumbency in electoral contest in Nigeria. If APC was a beneficiary two years ago, who says it cannot yet become a casualty in two years' time?
For now, it will be an abuse of language to term what remains of APC a political party. At best, it is a caricature of one. While common antipathy against Goodluck Jonathan helped rally the disparate tendencies against PDP in 2015, as events have since proved, a political union only endures when not only the values are shared, but the victory spoils as well.
Whereas only a tiny cell within Buhari's CPC has fattened on the spoils of electoral victory of 2015, others toiled as hard, if not more, to deliver APC's victory of 2015. In private, most chieftains of ACN, ANPP, a faction of APGA and the "nPDP" say worst things than Atiku has said of Buhari.
By opting to enshrine provincialism instead of cosmopolitanism as governance model ever since, the ruling faction in APC has only ended up inflicting a paralysis of sorts not just on itself, but also the nation at large. The arrogance of power will not pre-dispose the new potentate to seek, much less accept better ideas. Scholar and Catholic cleric, Bishop Mathew Kukah, classified this rare condition as the paralysis arising from the inability of the central nervous system to take advantage of the full complement of otherwise functional veins in the anatomy. Taken to the realm of physics, it will be called the curse of perpetual low battery.
It manifests in the inability to articulate a coherent economic vision and advancing infantile excuses for the cocktail of epic failings and unforced errors. It manifests in impulsively mumbling nonsense when dignified silence would have sufficed.
At the party level, it manifests in the inability of the ruling party to either hold even routine national meetings, host national convention after three long years or constitute something as elementary as the Board of Trustees.
Indeed, the Buhari we saw before the historic March 28, 2015 presidential elections was a pan-Nigerian patriarch who charmed voters in the South-West with Yoruba's gobir cap, wowed Niger Delta in sequined jumper and sashayed Igboland in the iconic red cap. In another snapshot, he affected corporate gravitas in dapper dinner suit and bow tie.
But we never saw any of those costumes again after he won the election. The old Daura tortoise hastily retreated into his accustomed Zanna crown.
Worse, ever since, no official effort is even made to reassure those whose hearts are burdened by the bitter feelings of being swindled. We see that in the continued lopsidedness in federal appointments in favour of either his beloved cell within APC or a section of the country.
As Bini folks say, people are earnestly watching to see how the Buharists hope to roast the rabbit in the fire in the times ahead without getting its tail burnt as well.

KING PASTOR KARIBO, WARNS FUTURE LEADERS..."Never Understae Your small Starts off "

A respected man of God and big stage speaker, King Pastor Karibo of the King Ministries International, Abuja has warned youths of today never to undermine their current small beginning,but rather stay focus and not be deterred

In an exclusive interview with WORLD LEADERS, King Karibo said " I myself started small, I a bricklayer, I WAS CARRYING BLOCK AN CEMENT WHEN A GOOD SAMARITAN SPOTTED ME FROM CROWD

"The Samaritan said, no no you are God son, you are not destined to be carrying cement and bricks, he made me leader of the construction sight, from there I moved t higher levels till God called me into full time ministry , first in Porthacourt
before coming to Abuja,so I want the young men of today not to underrate their small start, God told JOB that we must not look down on small start" he advised  and went on to give us few example of global brands that started small but now bigger than big , enjoy it

It's one of the most valuable
brands today, so it's often surprising when people learn that Apple's first computers were built in a small garage in Cupertino, California.

In 1976, Steve Wozniak created the first Apple computer. He then joined forces with the late Steve Jobs and another partner, Ronald Wayne, to launch Apple Computer Co. from Jobs' adopted parents' garage
. One of their first big orders was from a local retailer who ordered 50 computers at $500 apiece, which they were able to produce in just 30 days. Although Wayne had already abandoned the business, Jobs and Wozniak successfully reached their goal in just 30 days.

Today, the Silicon Valley home where Jobs grew up is listed as one of the city's historic properties

Four years after being named the youngest vice president of a successful Wall Street investment firm, Jeff Bezos quit his job and moved to Seattle to pursue what he believed to be untapped online retailing opportunities in the book industry. He set up shop in his garage in Bellevue, Washington, and began developing software.

Because he couldn't have meetings in a garage with a potbellied stove
, Bezos held meetings at a nearby Barnes & Noble, where most of Amazon's first contracts were negotiated. In July 1995, Bezos launched Amazon.com and sold his first book
from his garage startup. Two years after that, Bezos issued his IPO. The company is now the world's largest online retailer.


Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford in the mid-1990s and decided they wanted to start a company together. Two years later, the partners established Google's headquarters in Susan Wojcicki's 2,000-foot Menlo Park garage for $1,700 a month
. At the time, Wojcicki—who held a senior vice president position at Google until January 2014—was a recent business school graduate and rented out her garage to the Google guys in order to make her mortgage payments

Within one year, the Google team would outgrow the garage space and move to an office in Palo Alto along with their eight employees.

The Walt Disney Co.

It's the highest-grossing media conglomerate in the world, and it all started in the summer of 1923 in a one-car garage that belonged to Walt Disney's uncle, Robert Disney. At the time, the company was called The Disney Brothers Studio
and was located about 45 minutes from today's Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. In this small space, the team filmed the Alice Comedies, which would later inspire Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland.

A few months later, Disney, along with his brother Roy, moved to a bigger lot down the street from their uncle's house, which is where Disney signed a deal with Universal Studios to distribute the Alice Comedies. And the rest, they say, is animation history. 

In 1945, before Mattel became the American toy manufacturing company, company founders Harold "Matt" Matson and Ruth and Elliot Handler were making picture frames
out of a Southern California garage. From the scraps of the picture frames, which were made of Lucite and flocked wood, Elliot started making dollhouse furniture. Ruth, who worked at Paramount Pictures, is said to have landed her husband's first order by bringing a suitcase full of the dollhouse furniture to a store on Wilshire Boulevard not far from her job.

The success of the dollhouse furniture pushed Elliot and Ruth (Matson had left the company due to poor health) to focus solely on manufacturing toys. In 1959, Ruth invented the Barbie doll, named after her daughter, Barbara.

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" A thing of beauty must be applauded" - CERUTTI QUOTES ON MARBLE

° NMN AWARD.....Live In Lagos 

" Why we opted for Beauty icon Doris Simon as female Compere"

That super English and Yoruba actress,Doris Simon is one of the 
 most pretty ladies in town is not in doubt
Some even referred to her as some mermaids in fair beauty
But she is not all beauty. Speaking to WORLD LEADERS
last night in Abuja during the AFAC ABJ 2017,
Otunba  Sola Solkem Olugbemori,vision man behind Nigeria's media night out edition 11, billed for September 17 posited:

" Its not me..the committee chose Doris not just for her beauty, but her intelligence, carriages, humility
and good brand and we feel she best fit the picture NMNA is projecting" Solkem told us exclusively

* Readers globally are advised to keep abreast for out daily online reportage for the next two weeks

A SPECIAL PROJECT Report © G.Cerutti's
commercial corporate service unit
....Beyond image making; touching lives positively
π Just like speed of Lion π
Sites: www.worldindustryleaders.blogspot.com / www.ceruttimediaandbooks.WordPress.com

Corporate wasap #
+234 8110050567


USING the flamboyant bagpipers for your event may be all the class you need to spice it up.

And they have finally berth in Nigeria /west Africa, WORLD LEADERS CAN REVEAL TODAY.

According to Pipe Major Chukwu Oba Kalu, the man behind the force, who spoke to us in Abuja last night, the , Scottish Power Pipe Band Nigeria, is now bringing the wonderful sounds and colorful sights of the bagpipes to events in and around Abuja, Nigeria's capitol. A bagpipe band adds to any event a unique experience that the audience will long remember. Bagpipes are appropriate for all sorts of public and private events. They can serve to begin and/or end an event, or provide exciting music during it. Some of the sorts of events at which bagpipes are often heard and seen include:

Building Dedications
Holiday Celebrations
Ship Launchings
Sporting Events
Product Introductions
Business Openings

The Scottish Power Nigeria Pipe Band is available at reasonable rates to perform at any of these kinds of events and more. Give your guests, customers, friends, family or other audiences a truly unique and exciting gift of music that they will never forget!

For further information and bookings, contact:

Scottish Power Nigeria Ltd.
+234 7042631895

E: youngchief@yahoo.com


Aside from performing, Scottish Power Nigeria Ltd. is active in promoting the overall return of bagpiping to Nigeria. Currently the Pipe Major is working to help a government agency re-establish a pipe band, and his band puts on programs at schools and similar facilities with the object of introducing people to the instrument and its music. If this is something your organization might be interested in, please feel free to contact the band. Or, if you are an individual who is interested in learning to play the bagpipe, the band will be happy to help direct you to appropriate resources.

IT IS NEW DAWN.................Meet Stephen Odey: The GTBank Seed That Is Growing into an Oak

"Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful|"
- John Wooden

Every season, the Nigerian Professional football League (NPFL) pitches a new star. Stephen Odey of MFM FC is the man of the moment for the year 2017.

His striking form, which has left opposing teams in tears and sorrow, has placed MFM FC as a major contender among the possible league leaders and has earned them a continental ticket next year.

The sudden resurgence of the club appears to be tied to the magical boots of Stephen Odey whose goal count hits 18. This striker did not just drop from the moon, he is a product of the GTBank Principals Cup, a grass root football development programme of Guaranty Trust Bank.

Steven played in the second edition of GTBank-Lagos State Principals Cup where he was the captain of the winning Dairy Farm Senior Secondary School, Agege. He also topped the list of the GTBank 13-man All Star Team of the Year. It is therefore no surprise that the little mustard seed is fast growing into an oak.

In January 2017, Stephen received the NPFL Bloggers’ Award as the most valuable player of the month. Also, in the current season, he was the first player to score a hat trick among over 200 players in the league.

He scored five goals for the MFM FC in the 2015 season of the Nigeria National League, helping the club to gain promotion into the elite Nigeria Professional Football League. In the Season 2015/16, he scored 9 goals to become his club’s top scorer. In the current season, he has scored a total of 18 goals.

In some instances, 14 goals was what some players scored to emerge the top scorers for the entire season. In the days leading to the last friendly match the Super Eagles had in London, March this year, Odey’s name kept coming up as a domestic league player who should have been employed for the Super Eagles’ assignments. However, his exploit led to his invitation to the Super Eagles CHAN Team double header qualifiers against Benin Republic in August.

The former school boy sensation in the GTBank Principals Cup has a big burden on his neck. He will have to prove that unlike the ‘kings’ before him, he will not be a one season sensation.

Stephen’s impressive performance has now led him to signing a four year contract with Swiss club-FC Zurich, this may not be a big surprise considering the GTBank football tournaments growing profile of football future stars.

The 18-goal mark he set in 36 matches is even higher than what most of his predecessors scored in the entire 38-match seasons in the past.

Consider the goal-chart below:

Past Top Scorers of Nigerian League

1990-Ishaya Jatau (Iwuanyanwu Nationale), 17 goals
1991-Richard Ojomo (Bendel United), 12 goals
1992-Arthur Moses (Super Stores), 10 goals
1993-Tony Nwigwe (Iwuanyanwu Nationale), 13 goals
1994-Olumide Harris (Shooting Stars), 14 goals
1995-Ben Agadah (Gombe United), 12 goals
1996-Peter Anyiolobi (Enyimba), 9 goals
1997-Paul Kpoughoul (Jasper United/BCC Lions), 16 goals
1998-Hassan Minda (Gombe United), 14goals
1999-Emmanuel Agbo (Iwuanyanwu Nationale), 14 goals
2000-Peter Ijeh (Julius Berger), 14 goals
2001-Uche Okereke (Enugu Rangers), 13 goals
2002-Joetex Frimpong (El-Kanemi), Victor Ezeji (Dolphins), 16 goals
2003-Chibuzor Ozurumba (Iwuanyanwu), Endurance Idahor (Julius Berger) 12 goals each
2004-Kabiru Alausa (Berger), 13 goals
2005-Timothy Anjembe (Lobi Stars), Joseph Akpala (Insurance), Charles Omokaro (Sharks), 12 goals each
2006 -Ibenebu Ikechukwu (El Kanemi), 10 goals
2007 – Ameh Aruwa (Kaduna United), 10 goals
2007/2008 – Abubakar Babale (Wikki Tourist/Sunshine Stars), 14 goals
2008/2009 – Akarandut Orok (Akwa United), 17 goals
2009/2010 – Ahmed Musa (Kano Pillars), 18 goals.
2010/2011 – Jude Aneke (Kaduna United), 20 goals
2011/2012 – Sibi Gwar (Niger United), 17 goals.
2012/2013 – Victor Namo (Nasarawa United) 18 goals.
2013/2014 – Mfoh Udoh ( Enyimba) 23 goals