Thursday, 20 October 2016

Efoski Label CEO Prince James Efosa Wants Youths And All His Acts To Think Like Champion

The Group CEO of London based Efoski Records, Prince James Efosa has stated that he is moved by the feat attained by two global brand singers and want his acts to think as such

In a phone chat with very Cerumedia luxury unit last night from his Manchester Base. Efosa said " It is sad. These days our young Africa acts want to make it big but don't want to sweat till dawn

" For days now I have been studying two act. Late Michael Jackson and Celine Dion, they have secret, they worked so damn hard, when others sleep, they worked.
They put money behind, it paid off, I want our youths and my acts to think like that and I must enforce it on them by always reminding them of this two great act " he said

Reported by Mike Cerutti
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Monday, 17 October 2016

Young Nigerian Born Prima Dona Booboosha Set For Global Event With Bracket. Others @ Melbourn

In his international best seller book, " Think and Grow Rich'  which is rated as one of world's  greatest book after the Holy Bible....Sir Napoleon Hill stated on page 50 that "It is well known fact that one comes,finally  to believe whatever one repeats to one's, whether the statements be true or false.. If a person repeats it often to self it eventually becomes real"

And such can be said about the  fast  growing Nigerian born  New Zealand based artist Juliet Obieh, aka Booboosha who once sold garri ( local foodstuff) back in home but told herself, such is not her destiny

Today, she is fast building a friend's and fans both  in Nigeria, Australia and new Zealand etc, where she has played a lot of shows in just a short while, and on come 31st Oct 2016 she will be performing most of her new releases like  wahala before a global audience
It has  not  been an easy ride for the young performer who compose most of her  songs  herself, but admitted God is her strength

Now ,booboosha will be performing along side hot R&B genius Bracket,Emete and many others month end in Melbourn, Australia.. What a positive twist of faith
°>Catch you there live

Reported by Czar of letters Mike C.

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The Ramata Magic: Force Behind The Dream Speaks Of Inspiration

The Ramata Epistles...

" The future belongs to those who dream big " is a globally famous quote

And only last week, we brought you the historic union between a Senegal classy lady and her music producer that brought to life RAMATA

Today, the force behind the dream finally spoke on the motivation, special report by Mine Cerutti

Q  You are a pioneer in the field of musical fusion between China and Africa. What are your motivations?  

 My motivation is twofold. First, I am led by the love of music and telling stories. I wanted to make a song that creates a cultural bridge between China and Africa in telling the story of an African called Ramata and sharing it with the world.   For me, music is the ideal way to bring people together. We need so much.   Then it is also an investment. Writing a song is one thing but to go to Africa to produce and launch the title is another. That‘s a lot of money but also a lot of energy for a three-minute song.   I believe in the future of Sino-African entertainment industry and I would like to join.  

Q: What are the similarities between the Chinese and African music on which you relied?  

 For this project, the real challenge was to have no reference as this is a unique project of its kind. The source of the two musical worlds are the emotions, not the structure. Chinese music is based on melody and African music rather on the pace. This makes interesting song musically and artistically. 

Q:  When you think "Chinafrica" First we think trade and raw materials for you But what is the "Chinafrica"?   

For me it is a gateway to the art but also on trade with huge development potential. We have so much to share and we can all reap the benefits. That said I think it will take several generations before being fully effective. But I‘m so proud to add my stone building.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Arise From Slumber... Sam Adeyemi Now seating on Billions Once Brushed His Teeth Without Toothpaste ( Part 1)

By Mike Osagie
For Cerumedia inspiration

"As a man thinketh so he becomes"

The King Of Kings. Our Lord Jesus Christ Once Warned His Disciple To Be Alert And Will Return Like The Biblical Thief At Night
Such Is The Manner That Rough Time And Poverty And Rough Times Landed The Home Of Respected Televangel4st.Finance Cum Life Coach And Inspirator Rev Sam Adeyemi When His Fathers Busines Fell On Bad Times,
In Ths Part 1 Quote Post Adeyemi Warns You Not To Quit In Days Of AdversityAdversity
" You must hold your faith and dreams even in times of storm
" My life is case study, I was not born poor, but at a stage things became so bad for my father and I saw the true side of lack, for a long time I was stack broke and
stranded and at stage could not even afford common toothpaste, so I had to brush without paste, but not for once did I lose my focus " he says

° Part 2
How Adeyemi got his first book and fell in love with writing
Watch out

Thursday, 13 October 2016


The young shall grow is an old African popular saying,and as it will now turn real,fast rising showman mogul,Ayodele Riddes, the  astute Young CEO riddles entertainment , a musical promoter and talent manager  who was at vgc rejoicing with his bosom colleague one of Nigeria famous official DJ to Sound city and g world wide official DJ to kissdaniel and sugar boy,  has vowed to help take young African talent to peak with little or no money

Speaking to CERUMEDIA soft read Unit, Riddles  said " I am ready to use my studio at home and office to help young talent do their demo free, but they must be hungry like young lion,determined to work and  delete  juvenile life,stars like 2FACE, 9ICE, BOOBOOSHA,DEBANG
did not hit international gold by being lazy,tey must read,research,build their talent and if they are serious we will help them do demo and shoot them in Alaba, Africa's biggest marketing haven,where we are the leading agents" he said



ZENITH OF SECRET TO SUCCEED : "Pastor Chris oyahkilome Advices ............You Are An expression Of Your Believe

A LOT has been reported over the last couple of years on respected  televangelist, life coach and  power packed wordsmith   Rev Chris Oyakhilome..some good,some full of personal vendetta and others good

But here is a man that lifts your soul, in the latest edition of RHAPSODY
DAY 13,he warned " Everyone is the expression of what he or she believes. Your daily life is the loudest voice that gives expression to your believe, so start turning the searchlight to yourself

" Be sure that your will and emotions are always yielded to the Lordship of the word,be sure that you are a person of your words, so put yourself to test and constantly evaluate your life and actions with the word,to be sure that you are living in faith"

No doubt there cannot be a better  secret success to win big than this message :" EVERYONE IS EXPRESSION OF HIS BELIEVE"  insisted  Chris Oyakhilome
(also known as "Pastor Chris")  the founding president of Believers' Loveworld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, a Bible-based Christian ministry headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.



"Life is a place of colors" - Jacky Kennedy

 Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria(FADAN) Recently had a most electrifying exhibition in Abuja,showcasing the Strength  of style of Nigeria talents and apparels,on hand to lend a helping and  was frontrunner airline,Emirates

* Here we present the rare session in pics form

From Left to Right:

Pix 1: 

Emirates Sales Manager ,Sales & Commercial, Mr Eghe Ekhator; CEO Modela Courture, Mr Adebayo Adegbe; FADAN President, Mrs Funmi Ladipo; and FADAN Ambassador/CEO Tiannah Styling, Mrs Toyin Lawani, at the presentation of an Emirates Business Class to the winner of the raffle draw at the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN)Fashion Show recently in Abuja.

Pix 2( 0083)

Emirates Sales Manager ,Sales & Commercial, Mr Eghe Ekhator;  making a presentation of an Emirates Business Class to the winner of the raffle draw , CEO Modela Courture, Mr Adebayo Adegbe;  at the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN)Fashion Show recently in Abuja.

Pix 3(0089):

Nigerian Actress/MC of Occasion, Mrs Shaffy Bello; Emirates Sales Manager ,Sales & Commercial, Mr Eghe Ekhator; CEO Modela Courture, Mr Adebayo Adegbe; FADAN President, Mrs Funmi Ladipo; and FADAN Ambassador/CEO Tiannah Styling, Mrs Toyin Lawani, at the presentation of an Emirates Business Class to the winner of the raffle draw at the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN)Fashion Show recently in Abuja.

Pix 4: (0863)

Daniella Ausi, Ameze Ojo Odiase, Divine Ohai, and Eric Anyaeze, selected children who modeled the Emirates Pilot Uniforms at the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN)Fashion Show recently in Abuja.

Pix 5: (0875)

Eric Anyaeze, Tanu Bajad, Ishita Pandey, Ameze Ojo Odiase, selected children who modeled the Emirates Pilot/Cabin Crew Uniforms at the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN)Fashion Show recently in Abuja.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Senegalese Goddess Ramata in Rare Chinese Union With Her Producer

Senegal,...often passionately called  Paris of Africa  is a country that  have alwast  had ties with Chinese decent, from their old Presidents till wonder it has led to rare union of sort 

Now, The marriage of Chinese and African music: Soul way productions and Daara J Family  has announced  the worldwide release  of their first single, ”Ramata”. This is the first time a Chinese producer works with an African   group. The single "Ramata" is an ode to love and African rhythms and Chinese. 

A title UJ produced, co-written and performed by Daara J Family.   "When the media talk about Africa, they do not show us the beauty of this continent. And I had the chance to meet a Senegalese who became my wife and to discover this beautiful country. I am convinced that it is possible to create a platform for cultural exchanges between Africa and China, "says He Yujia, aka UJ.   This famous Chinese producer has written over 200 songs including the official anthem of France pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.   "I want to change the image of Africa in China but also that ofthe Chinese in Africa," he says.   For this first single UJ worked with the Senegalese band Daara J Family. Again, this is a meeting that is behind the project: 

  "We share a common love for music and wanted both sides, the same things. That is why we went in the studio the night of our first meeting. and we recorded our first musical collaboration, "says UJ.   "Ramata" promises to be a hit. A mixture of hip-hop and R & B heady passing Wolof Chinese and English. The single will be released on September 12!   A concept album is also in preparation. It will aim to produce tracks with various artists from the African continent.   Daara J Family is one of the most famous Senegalese rap groups. Established in 1992 by Faada Freddy and N‘Dongo D, Daara J become over the years Daara J Family and released very quickly the borders of his native Senegal to carry high the colors of Africa. 

Their influences range from hip hop to soul through traditional African rhythms. Daara J Family has won the 2003 BBC World Award for Best Album African.   Soulway is an independent label based in Shanghai and founded by U] in 2009 with the aim to share music "Made in China" with the world.   contacts: Soulway Entertainment 

*  REPORTED Young chief Cerutti Mike Osagie

Editor in chief/Group-leader
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All is now set for the ARM Mutual Funds forum tomorrow in Lagos
According to a letter sent to CERUMEDIA,

 the company wrote " This is to inform you that The Investors’ Forum for the ARM Mutual Funds has been rescheduled to hold between 9am and 10.45am on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at The Darlington Hall, Plot CDE Industrial Crescent off Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos State, Nigeria".
Please note that the General Meetings for the Funds will follow immediately after the Forum.
Kindly visit to view a copy of the Annual Reports. Alternatively, the report can be downloaded directly from the link: Annual Reports.
We look forward to receiving you at the Forum.
Kind regards,
Asset & Resource Management Company (ARM) Ltd.

About ARM
Asset & Resource Management Company is Nigeria's largest independent non-bank financial institution with over 20 years of experience in asset management.
The ARM Group offers a variety of products to its retail clients including mutual funds, real estate, life insurance, pension administration and stockbroking services.
With headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria and offices across the country, the Group currently manages total assets of over N500 billion and serves over 500,000 clients worldwide.
ARM has an AA- rating by Agusto & Co, (the highest rating for an asset management firm in Nigeria) and was named the Best Fund Manager in Nigeria in 2013 by Capital Finance International. 
ARM is regulated by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).